You don’t wear a hat.
You wear a style.


Barbisio Cervo


The perfect match between
Tradition & Innovation

Interpret. Create. Surprise.
Achieve excellence through the perfect balance
between past and future , old and new, history and research.


Barbisio ,
authentic hat construction .

Barbisio, a hat manufacturer that inherits its prestige and craftsmanship from the history and past of its land. Let’s go back in time, just as the Cervo river flows into its homonymous valley, and reach the XVII Century when the area was already renowned for having the best craftsmen and hat manufacturers in Italy and was also very famous for the processing of fabrics, wool and yarns.
Let’s continue to follow the steps of this story and reach the year 1775 when Gio Battista Bonessio, known as Gio Batta, formally asked the authorities of the hat manufacturer’s Università dei Mastri if he could open his workshop and solemnly swore on the holy relic that he would meticulously observe the unpublished and secret processes involved in hat manufacturing. This is the historic date which tagged the Valley as the home and cradle of the art in hat manufacturing; since then, Barbisio has passed on its excellence and prestige through time and has become distinct and unique on the entire Italian territory. Craftsmanship, prestige and elegance are the main themes of this story and have, in the years, never changed. Barbisio established in Sagliano Micca in 1862.
The first supply of alpine hats to the Savoy Royal Army dates back to 1863. On the 25th of March of that same year the manufacturing of Army Officers hats - an object which in the years evolved in shape and color and progressively became a highly patriotic symbol - took officially place. In 1897 the master craftsmen unite together in the Anonima Cooperativa Cappellai Sagliano Micca which will eventually turn into the Anonima Cooperativa Cervo in 1934 and, lastly, Cappellificio Cervo Srl in 1963. The Company today holds the Barbisio, Cervo and Bantam brands and exports its collections to Europe, the US and Japan yet still remaining a cornerstone in the local Biella economy. The quality of its raw materials and the extreme ability of its hat manufacturers enshrine once again the brand to the motto which has distinguished it throughout the past years: “A name, a brand a guarantee”. Among the Biella valleys lives an art made of past and traditional craftsmanship and a style which, although evolving through the Centuries, is still today a synonym of elegance and prestige.

" Creation is instinct. But not only. It partedalla history, the quality And then one experiences . With respect."


Since 1962 he
overhead passio

A modern- chic hat to cover , protect , dress proudly wear as you want , bend, twist , distinguish.